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As a Life Improvement Business , BCPS works daily to improve the lives of returning citizens and their families. Hope, opportunity and second chances can have a lasting impact on individuals, families and communities.


It is through dedicated staff and board members, caring volunteers, generous supporters and effective community partnerships that BCPS continues to expand programming to meet the growing need in our community. When we work together, great things happen!


This is a man with pure determination!

Angel Candelario, a participant from Cohort 7, received his WRAP certification from our Reentry Mentoring Specialist, Willie Colon! He was determined to do this on his own, and continues to work hard at everything he wants to accomplish.


Angel was extremely dedicated and worked on his own to complete the WRAP Certification so that he could be one step closer to his goal of being a peer support specialist!

Congratulations Angel! Your hard work is paying off!

Willie and Angel Cohort 7.jpg


After his incarceration, David found

a job, but not a career. 

He found help at...


With the support of BCPS and this awesome second chance partner, Raymond has...


"When I came out of the Berks County Jail, I didn't know where I was going...BCPS helped me...."

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