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Court Appointed Pretrial Agency for Berks County, PA

BCPS serves as the County pretrial agency and operates the Berks County Community Release (bail) Program. BCPS also assists County government agencies by providing personnel and support to a number of criminal justice programs. 

Pretrial Interviews and Assessments

Pretrial Officers conduct post-arrest interviews and assessments of criminal defendants. They then furnish the verified assessments to the judiciary, either prior to bail being set or at the preliminary hearing. BCPS also assists with jail population management by monitoring the pretrial population and providing assessments to the court for defendants who are deemed low risk and are only incarcerated due to their inability to pay monetary bail.

Pretrial Supervision

BCPS provides supervised release for criminal defendants who would otherwise remain in jail until the final disposition of their case. Pretrial Officers utilize the results of a risk assessment to set conditions that are based on the risk that an individual poses and ensures both court appearance and public safety. BCPS also oversees the Community Release Bail Program, which was designed to ensure that the economic circumstances of a person will not subject him/her to punishment before trial.  

BCPS is a member of the Pennsylvania Pretrial Services Association (PPSA) and the National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NAPSA).

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Diversionary Courts

BCPS provides personnel and support for the Berks County Treatment Courts. BCPS interviews and assesses most treatment court applicants and provides referrals for drug and alcohol testing and treatment. Treatment Courts include DUI, Veterans, Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health Courts. The Treatment Courts provide an intensive combination of Court-ordered treatment and regular interaction with the Treatment Court Judge and his team, including the Public Defender, Adult Probation Office, TASC, SAM, Inc., the District Attorney’s Office, treatment providers and BCPS.


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