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John Miller

John Miller, Owner of Reading Bucket Service, LLC, believes in the integrity of Reading and the community at large.  He has formed his business around the much-needed restoration of commercial buildings throughout the city.   And in doing so, he has employed a number of BCPS R3 graduates.  He believes that people, as much as beautiful old buildings, need a second chance and with the right support great things happen.


John took an interest in the R3 program in its infancy.  He might say it was the bright, safety green-yellow shirts that grabbed his attention on the street corner.  But more than that, it is the program components that drew him in and sealed the deal – an education in construction coupled with second chance citizens.  

He was quick to listen and learn about the program we developed and instantly took an active role as a second chance employer.  He has made numerous employer connections, advising of other local companies who might be interested in program graduates.

And, as we were navigating our way through the COVID shutdown, and figuring out what options might be available once we were able to restart, John was an instrumental resource.  He spent quite a bit of time talking with us about opportunities and the possibilities of using his workshop as well as a rehab house for the program.  In addition, he has offered ideas about expanding/enhancing the program.  John’s support is unparalleled and we couldn’t be more appreciative of it.

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