After serving time in a state prison, Hector was referred to BCPS for Workforce Development programming. He successfully completed all sessions on employment readiness, resume writing, personal finance and tenant education. After attending our Career Fair, Hector was hired by Sweet Street Desserts, where he has worked full time for 1 ½ years. He has had excellent reviews, received numerous pay raises and was recently promoted to production and set-up assistant.


Hector has been a model employee and sets an example for other returning citizens. With the assistance of BCPS, Hector is renting a studio apartment and continues to save money as he works towards financial independence.

“BCPS has been such a positive influence in my life. They have provided hope, guidance and encouraged me to stay on the right path. You can’t always do things by yourself and I’ve learned to ask for help. I’ve learned to change the way I think and no matter what, I keep a positive attitude.


There’s always going to be trials in life and opportunities to make a choice. BCPS was there for me and has pointed me in the right direction. I’d like to encourage other returning citizens to take advantage of the opportunities BCPS provides and learn from them. You have to put in the hard work, be patient and take responsibility. Change is difficult, but not impossible. If I can help change another person’s life, I’ll consider that a reward!” 

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