In response to the Coronavirus and the growing threat to public safety, the BCPS office is temporarily closed. During this time, our staff is working remotely to maintain contact with our clients and to provide support guidance, and services as needed.


We realize that our staff fills a very important role of support for those we serve – for many we are their only support system – and we do not take that lightly. In addition to continuing to provide the programmatic services we can remotely, we will make sure that we are checking on them regularly to see how they are coping with the lifestyle changes affecting us all, how they are feeling, and asking if they are having any immediate needs. We will provide the approved guidance if they are not feeling well and we will work to make sure we are aware of changes in schedule and protocol for other services in our community like food, shelter, and behavioral health support. In addition, we know that many of our clients may have their employment terminated or they may be laid off as businesses respond to the pandemic, and we will provide support and guidance in this regard.


The health and safety of our staff, clients, volunteers and community is our top priority. As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we will continue to closely monitor updates on COVID-19 and follow the guidance of the CDC regarding social distancing and related safety measures.


Please know that our response and the precautionary measures we have taken are to help combat the spread of this disease and to mitigate anyone’s exposure to COVID-19.

To our Volunteers and Donors:

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your contributions to our organization are so appreciated and vital to the Life Improvement services we provide to incarcerated individuals, reentrants and their families. Despite the temporary closure of our office and suspension of volunteer programming, your continued support is needed now more than ever. The impact of this pandemic is being felt by our entire community. For those we serve, our continued services are vital to assisting them as they navigate through this unprecedented situation.


Berks County is an amazing community full of kind, compassionate and generous individuals. We have no doubt that we can all work together to not only do our part by following advice of the experts in taking all necessary precautionary measures, but also support each other throughout the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone!

Berks Connections/Pretrial Services

19 N. 6th St, 4th Floor

Reading, PA 19601